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Featuring Zimbabwe’s Most Prominent Sculptors

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The Mudzimu Sculpture Group Vision & the History Shona sculpture

The Mudzimu Sculpture Group was formed for the purpose of showcasing & promoting the work of Zimbabwe’s highly acclaimed sculptors.  Our aim (since 1995) is to showcase their profound and evocative sculptures in America, while also fostering an appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Zimbabwe and her people.

The sculpture serves as an invaluable link toward a deeper understanding of the people of Zimbabwe and their way of life.  Embedded with an inherent dialogue that is both social and spiritual, each sculpture is an eloquent expression that offers the viewer a unique snapshot of the artist’s cultural beliefs, feelings and  world vision.

Creating work that is celebrated as one of the most important forms of modern art in the world today, Zimbabwe’s finest sculptors are said to have few peers in their genre of art.  Our goal is to establish and maintain an infrastructure of promotion that justly serves such an acclaimed form of art, while at the same time increasing the artist’s exposure and recognition throughout America.


Agnes Nyanhongo

Moses Nyanhongo

Peter Gwisa

Lovemore Bonjisi

Perlagia Mutyvaviri

Norbert Shamuyarira

Wellington Nyanhongo

Dennis Nyanhongo

Rizimu Chiwawa

Tapiwa Mapuranga