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Featuring Zimbabwe’s Most Prominent Sculptors


“A sculpture must leave room for the viewer to think about the message it carries”



Born into an artistic family in December of 1972, Collen first learned to sculpt by observing and assisting his father, Claud Nyanhongo, a prominent artist among the first generation sculptors.  After achieving a degree in Marketing, Collen set out to pursue a career as a professional artist in 1996.

Striving to find his own identity amongst the predominantly figurative sculptors in his family, Collen found himself encapsulated by the metamorphic qualities within the abstract forms surrounding him in nature, and particularly within the raw stones themselves.  Collen’s sculptures blend these natural forms with the spiritual and figurative impulses he seeks to infuse.

Having a seemingly soothing and continuous flow, Collen Nyanhongo’s sculptures take people to where they come from and to where they are today, moving with ease through time and place for the speak a visual language that is widely understood and embraced by the viewer.

Collen expresses himself eloquently in the traditional, yet evolving style of Shona stone sculpting while making it clear that his mark will be his own.  His work resonates with the emotions of human life while embodying the richness of African culture.  It speaks of their people and traditions, while at the same time speaking globally of the human condition at large.

Collen Nyanhongo and his sculptures have now been celebrated at numerous venues around the world, including workshops and exhibitions in France, Holland, England, Germany, South Africa and the United States.

Selected Exhibitions

1995 Eton Gallery, UK
1996 Soul in Stone Perth, UK
1998 World Art Foundation, Holland
1999 Cambridge Clare Hall, Cambridge, UK
1999 Chapungu, Australia
2000 Chapungu, Australia 
2002 Fine Art Sculptures, Hanover, Germany
2002 Phillips Gallery, Carmel, CA
2003 Schlob Oranienstein Diez, Germany
2003 Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland
2004 Hope Exhibition, Berlin, Germany 
2004 Phillips Gallery, San Jose, CA
2004 Chapungu, Denver, CO
2005 Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, CO
2005 Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ
2005 Bonner David Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ
2006 Loveland Museum, Loveland, CO
2006 FCMOCA, Fort Collins, CO

The sculpture of Collen Nyanhongo

Photo by Gayle Mitchellhttp://gayleslastingimpressions.com/

Collen Nyanhongo